How to do a good job in the style of the hot pot franchise four recommended

weather turns cold, hot pot business has entered the peak season, this time choose to open a hot pot store investors will continue to increase. A lot of investors in the opening of the hot pot when it is easy to ignore the store decoration, which is not the right way, the style of the hot pot store can also affect the appetite of consumers.

1, hot pot franchise how to decorate it? Hot pot shop decoration design luxury style: luxury hot pot shop in a region have a high reputation, decoration facilities, beautiful environment, very hot in the production of hot pot. Not only has the general characteristics of Hot pot shop, which is unique for higher prices, high quality service and dining environment, excellent unity Hot pot with advanced cooking and service personnel, the service object with high income.

2, hot pot franchise how to decorate it? Hot pot shop design and decoration of the popular style: the public hot pot shop is a hot pot restaurant in the main force, the largest number of. Operating a variety of relatively simple, raw materials in the middle and low based flavor to the majority of local people can accept the taste of the main. This kind of hot pot shop with its own characteristics, scale, grade, the difference between the service, in the customer each have their own position and image. Has its own unique characteristics, moderate price and low cost and popularity of hot pot is closely related to the seat rate and turnover rate is higher. The popular hot pot restaurant has the characteristics of the combination of price and popularity, flexible and diversified management mode, the service object is oriented to the mass consumers, and the management method is combined with the actual situation.

3, hot pot franchise how to decorate it? Hot pot shop decoration design style: flavor flavor Hot pot shop is to reflect the unique food culture, with strong local flavor, variety is relatively simple, but has great influence on the Hot pot shop, often has a representative, is a comprehensive reflection of the historical, regional and nationality. This kind of hot pot varieties more stereotypes, soup halogen fixed, the service has certain characteristics, the flavor is recognized.

4, hot pot franchise how to decorate it? Hot pot shop decoration design style: fashion shop Hot pot foot work in store decoration, should attach great importance to the design of the restaurant, and fashion elements into them, and referring to the western dining environment, create a petty bourgeoisie, the oil is completely different from the minds of consumers shop floor and Hot pot flavor aroma impression.

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