The latest information Gem inflow of funds who will carry the banner LED

entrepreneurial boom continued to rise in 2016, the trend of the gem is more concerned about the development of all walks of life will fluctuate with the gem fluctuations. Analysis of the latest situation yesterday, the gem by the funds sought, then, who will carry the banner led?

two, the total turnover amounted to 532 billion 710 million yuan yesterday, and the previous day compared with an increase of 54 billion 90 million yuan, a net outflow of funds 800 million. Yesterday in the main network security, big data, computer software, communications, electronic information, lithium battery concept, intelligent machines in a small plate into a big big, again washed out short-term profit funds, create the conditions for the GEM market outlook continues to rebound, continue holding.

the gem, the net inflow of large stocks: Silver State shares, photoelectric technology, Huace, Baotong, Hanson, Werleigh, Abison, Huazhong NC, zqgame, Sichuang medical benefits, information development, avit, Shanghai Jia Hao, state information technology, Watson biological, Alzheimer technology, pharmaceutical landocean, Henan diamond.

computer, the net inflow of large stocks: zqgame,   Kawashio Zhisheng, Hundsun, deep technology, Netac technology, TEAMSUN, Sheng and resources, gold card stock, lanxum, Chinese software.

intelligent machine, the net inflow of large stocks, Shenyang: Huazhong CNC machine tools, machine tools, Kunming netposa, Qinchuan machine.



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