Chongqing fish frog Fondue

do you know there is a kind of fish called hot pot? You may be curious about what kind of hot pot is what the frog with what fish together in the hot pot, ha ha Xiaobian tell you, fish frog hot pot called the original fish head. Bullfrog and head is two kinds of food with a reasonable taste delicious, nutritious and delicious dishes. The United States and the United States in recent years in the hot pot hotpot market has been the rise of the hot pot brand, can not be well known by the world, but its unique dishes with, I believe in the future of the Chongqing hot pot market will be able to show.

Chongqing fish frog hot pot to join

fish frog hot pot to join the fish head and the frog, different ingredients to make you a different combination of food to enjoy. The head has high nutrition, good taste, rich in essential lecithin and unsaturated fatty acid, lecithin is collective metabolism can be obtained by the final synthesis of choline, acetylcholine, can enhance memory, thinking and analysis, make people clever.

bullfrog is rich in nutrition, according to the analysis, hectogram bullfrog meat containing 19.9 grams of protein, 0.3 grams of fat, is a kind of high protein, low fat, low cholesterol, delicious food. Bullfrog and nourishing detoxification and treatment of certain diseases, medicine that: people (especially women) diet when eating frog meat can be appetizers, weak stomach or hyperacidity patients should eat the meat of frogs. Beautiful frog head Hot pot not only preserved the original Hot pot flavor, is also based on pay more attention to food nutrition collocation, by virtue of its high nutrition, good taste, no limit consumption etc. have slowly become popular, people are more willing to choose the type of Hot pot.

beauty frog head pot join fee

beauty of the head of the frog is popular, naturally, you want to join the investment of friends, Chongqing United States frog head to join a problem to pay attention to, that is, the United States to join the cost of fish frog head. Understand the market in order to maximize the benefits of our own, do not spend unnecessary money.

Chongqing fish frog hot pot to join the cost of different businesses to join the difference, probably in the range of tens of thousands of between. Perhaps you will have such a question: the United States and the United States and the United States to join the frog head, why join a large difference between the cost of the United States and the United States to join the frog head why so high?

first: join the cost there is a certain difference between the reasons for a certain reason is that the United States and the United States to join the frog head of the brand. Different brands must have different advantages and disadvantages. Who would like to join the advantage, white, so as to create practical benefits for us. This is like the same thing as thin.

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