Liu Yuan appeared in two of the 2016 National People’s Congress was asked to take a new job experien

2016 national two sessions have been carried out for 7 days, the specific content of each day are very concerned about the people, to participate in the two sessions of Representatives, but also the focus of media attention. Recently, Liu Yuan appeared in the two sessions, was asked to take the post of new feelings.

3 9 pm, the twelve session of the National People’s Congress held its second plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the people, the National People’s Congress, Liu Yuan, deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee attended the meeting. For the feeling of taking on a new post, Liu Yuanlian said "sorry" refused the interview. Only when the reporter mentioned that the people love him very much, Liu Yuan told the Global Times reporter, said  , thank you for your concern, support and care.

2015 in December 31st, the Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said, after learning the president and the Central Military Commission, political commissar of the General Logistics Department Liu Ren source Chia military post for 10 years, according to the relevant provisions of law and the removal of officers appointment regulations, stepped down from the leadership post.

2 26, Liu Yuan’s new duties open. Xinhua News Agency reported that the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress held in the Great Hall of the people for the first time the constitutional oath ceremony.  , led by the oath, the newly appointed deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee Liu Yuan went to the stage of the oath, the left hand pressed in the constitution, the right fist, read the oath.

3 4, the National People’s Congress spokesman Fu Ying said in response to a question,   "general Liu Yuan to the National People’s Congress, we are very welcome, he can also look forward to as deputies to perform their duties according to law. We have a number of generals involved in the Foreign Affairs Committee, they play an indispensable role in the work of the NPC Standing Committee is also very important."



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