What is direct selling This is the real direct selling! Absolute literacy…

direct marketing, is a kind of people’s word of mouth as a means of communication of non shop sales.

direct it omitted many circulation process, the traditional circulation mode, a kind of products produced from the factory after the general agent of —-  the wholesale level —-  two wholesale   —-  retailer —-  advertisers, came into the hands of consumers, these intermediate links are they win profit, we feel normal? Is normal, and the Direct Selling Company dealers instead of traditional industries in the process of circulation, the products are sold directly to consumers, we should get this part of the profits. At present, some Direct Selling Company process is more simple, the company is responsible for sending the product to the customer, the dealer is only advocates, the dissemination of information, receive the equivalent of the advertising fee income is not very reasonable ah


cheap or expensive, do not just look at the price, important to see its value. Your 100 yuan, or 10 yuan expensive, of course, depends on what you buy, 100 yuan to buy a TV, expensive? 10 yuan to buy onions, is expensive or cheap?? so to see what to buy. Some people open Xiali, BMW also buy. Is the product has its consumers. But it does not mean that the absolute price of direct selling products is bound to be higher than the traditional.

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