When the money is burned, how to break the small series to weapon

we know that entrepreneurs like how can we not be mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, eliminated in the competition, many entrepreneurs are thinking about the problem. For entrepreneurs to accept the reality of failure is a required course. When the money is burned, how to break? Xiao Bian to weapon.

1, don’t be afraid to kill your golden calf

successful investments in a number of entrepreneurial companies super angels   Dave  McClure  once said: "in the vast majority of the world, blatant failure might ruin your occupation career, let your family fall apart, even risking death ashamed. In Silicon Valley, however, everyone talks about his failures in a relaxed and open way. "In China, is it possible?" Of course, this is indeed a good thing, a lot of people do not know how to drive themselves to progress, unless they are forced to the edge of the failure to make it potential. For many entrepreneurs, they are more afraid of failure than the face of failure is unable to achieve sustained success.

2, the company pushed to the edge of the cliff behind the logic

has been working hard, until the company bank account inside nothing, it might seem stupid. But don’t forget that we’re talking about a start-up company that’s not a step by step retirement fund. If you burn the money in your hand to make you want to make the products that are more market – oriented, increase your market share, or gain other success factors,