MO investor Yang Zhiwei talk about 2B Entrepreneurship to create a needle breaking days


One of the topics that

has recently discussed is that SaaS’s air is coming. Some people in the United States, the statistics of the 155 successful development of SaaS companies, found that its annual growth rate of up to 47%, much higher than other industries. Of course, the rapid growth of the 2B industry can not be separated from the background of the rise of cloud computing technology, but also closely related to changes in corporate behavior. With the rapid rise in the cost of employment, slow company wants to become fast company, will inevitably require new SaaS services. For domestic entrepreneurs, investment institutions, enterprise access to the Internet where? In April 11th, China Enterprise Mobile Application Forum opened in spring investor dialogue special investors, interpretation of the relevant topics from the investor perspective.

Moderator: AA investment founder Wang Haoze


became the capital executive director Gu Xuan

Jinsha River partner Yang Zhiwei

Alfa commune partner

asked: how do investors look at opportunities in the field of 2B?

Gu Xuan: I worked in SAP for a long time before I joined the cost capital. From the point of view of investment projects, to compare the value of personal innovation application in three aspects: 1, infrastructure, including APM, Business, Network security software, 2 – B2B trading network; IOT: 3, networking, industrial automation etc..

Yang Zhiwei: Mobile Internet for businesses, is an era of organizational change, it will reconstruct the task of collaborative information flow, reconfiguration manager / employee communication order. Desktop PC as the center of the work has been unable to meet the needs of the actual work, a large number of mobile, fragmentation of office activities into the work scene. This new type of enterprise social – whether it is "enterprise SoLoMo" or "O2O" or, ultimately must be able to greatly enhance the efficiency and execution of enterprises.

Xu Siqing: Alfa commune is a newly established investment institution, hoping to become China’s Y Combinator. We found that the ideal age of the founders of 2B, the best than the average age of 2C founder 8-10 years old, he needs to have more mature experience and affordability. From the product, the user experience is good, rely on technological innovation is more welcomed by investors, the other is to meet the general needs of enterprises, it is easy to eat a larger market.

two Q: what kind of entrepreneurs do investors like?

Gu Xuan: most valued Founder founder’s own ability, especially the ability to learn. A YISHION technology centric team is unpopular.

Yang Zhiwei: the founders should have their own ideas and passion, and to instill these things into their own team, implanted into the product. With >

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