How to open a whole shape shop

now for countless entrepreneurs who, hard work is not a problem, the key lies in the business opportunities if the choice is not right, for the latter part of the business will have a very negative impact. So, it is a key factor that determines the success of the cause of investors is the choice of the project. So, how to open a whole shape shop?

called the overall shape of the shop, is to break the traditional buy clothing to clothing stores, hair salons to beauty salons, a concept from Europe and the United states. Specifically, this new idea is to beauty, hair and clothing shopping in the same store, so that customers in the skin care, make hair at the same time, do a good job with the overall dress and dress up.

"styling shop" the first half of the planning for the "clothing display". The second part is set as the "beauty of space", the customer to the store can not only cut out of fashion, fashion, more rare is the overall shape of advice to get the most personal style.

designer of the owner of the target customers locked for 20 ~ 30 years of age of young people, at the beginning of the shop, it will attract a lot of closely following the trend of young people’s eyes. Overall styling store early in the design, purchase, hire professionals invested 200 thousand yuan or so, of course, quite a lot of money, every time to do the overall shape charges ranging from $200 to $2000.

after the owner opened six months of careful management, "the overall shape of shop" for customers with "styling tailored" personality has become the focus of most young people competing to fashion, but also attracted popular media coverage and popularity quickly jump up, attracted a lot of tourists.

now with the people for all kinds of modeling is more and more attention, the overall shape of such services will undoubtedly be able to get more consumers, so, if you want to venture capital, to open a whole other shop will be worth more investors choose.

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