Entrepreneurship shop location survey notes

We all know that

shop location is very important, but to choose a suitable location from which aspects? Today Xiaobian will come to share with you about the need to do poineering work shop to do a few site survey content, hoping to provide some help and reference to the investment:

entrepreneurship shop location survey L, family status

family status is the basic factor affecting consumer demand. Family characteristics include: population, income, etc.. If the average household income and household income distribution, will significantly affect the future store sales. And the average family income in the region, will increase the number of families to purchase goods, quality and grade requirements.

family size will also have a greater impact on future store sales. For example, composed of a family of two young families, the pursuit of fashion, personalized shopping, a small amount; and a family of three families (a child), the consumer demand is almost to the child as the core.

The age of the

family members also have different needs for the goods. For example, the aging of their families tend to buy health care products, fitness products, nutrition, food, etc.; and the children’s families are focused on children’s food, toys, etc..

entrepreneurship shop location survey 2, population density

the population density of an area can be determined by the number of people per square kilometer. The higher the population density, the size of the store can be expanded accordingly.

calculation of population density can be achieved by calculating the daytime population, that is, the number of children living in the household registration plus the number of people working in the area, school, minus the number of people to work in the field, go to school. Part of the number of random passenger traffic is not within the investigation.

high population density in the day for the office area, schools, etc.. On the basis of the analysis of the characteristics of the consumption demand, we should carry out the operation in the area with large population. For example, to extend the work time, increase convenience projects to meet the needs.

high population density areas, close to commercial facilities, can increase the frequency of shopping. The low density of the region is less attractive, and the number of customers to visit less.

entrepreneurship shop location survey 3, the number of potential customers

everyone is a consumer, it is natural to store customers. You must understand the population and the local population density, population growth, population age structure in the choice of location.

people come and go, of course, is a good place to set up shop

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