What are the most prone to making mistakes

entrepreneurial success is naturally a failure, although we do not know the specific reasons for the failure of what, however, to sum up the whole venture market, easy to commit the fault of three points. Here, let Xiaobian take you to know the most likely to make mistakes.

on the road of entrepreneurship, we often encounter a lot of problems, but also often make us commit a lot of mistakes, including three major mistakes, we can not commit suicide in the venture.

first, the blind worship of social relations

promote productivity, so the establishment and use of social relations is the merchant necessary ability; but the relationship is not equal to the social productivity, as to solve all the problems in the development of enterprises "a ready-made panacea, forget the blacksmith must own hard truth, the enterprise put down the big trouble sooner or later come to business success.

two, but without knowing

Look at the head to head is

, has been addlebrained. I have never seen myself, I have never had a clear strategic plan: what to do, what to improve, how to innovate and how to stick to it. If it is such an idea, then, entrepreneurship can never progress.

three, customary credit loss

does not count, the contract when the waste paper, promises not to use, which is almost the most common Chinese businessmen landscape. The rules, plan changes irregularly, made today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, men at a loss; foreign contractual commitments, a piece of paper, as the case discount even daub, tear, partner back. This lack of credit once the formation of habits, will cause great negative impact on entrepreneurship.

venture to succeed is difficult, let us face various challenges, however, if we can avoid some mistakes that are of great help to the development of their own entrepreneurial path will. So, if you’re going to start a business now, do you know how to avoid these three mistakes?

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