How to put the money in his shop block

"way" is actually "long legs", a mistake, it is possible to make it from his shop door away. Therefore, if you want to make the business of the shop is better, nature will also need money, "blocking" in his shop. After being laid off, I opened a small supermarket. In the course of my business, I had a lot of free time, so I took the time to read books and newspapers. I did not expect is that this not only increased my knowledge, but also let me learn some of the supermarket business.

one day, I am in a magazine to see such an article – "" blocking "own money". I feel very puzzled at the time: how could someone from getting blocked? With curiosity, I put the whole article read carefully, my doubt to solve, can not help on the operation of the road overwhelmed with admiration for the.

article is about 1930s, a small grocery store in the United States in order to make the business more prosperous, specially invited to the streets of some of the flow of commercial vehicles in the shop in front of their own business. To outsiders, this is the "block". However, it is not surprising that these mobile cars to the grocery store has brought a lot of popularity. With the popularity of the grocery business will naturally rise. Later, the small grocery continue to grow, eventually became the largest and the world’s third British retailer, Tesco supermarket chain.

at that time, my small supermarket opened soon, the business has been lukewarm. Previously, I hope that in front of the store without shelter of their own, small traders in my shop stall before doing business, I will not happy, think they blocked my customer. Since reading the Tesco supermarket chain business case, I decided to live.

because of my supermarket opened in the residential area, I was in the supermarket in front of the open space on the top of the two branches of sunshade umbrella, down two tables, then put a few of the bench. As a result, my supermarket was completely blocked.

Since the

supermarket is "blocking", during the day, the district where many idle old man, the old lady would bring his grandchildren to the front of my shop under the sunshade sit; after dinner, some residents will walk out and come here, or chat or play chess or poker. The children saw the ice cream store, toys, they will haunt grandpa and grandma buy; men chat or play chess or cards shouting mouth parched and tongue scorched to buy a bottle of mineral water, will wet your throat; if someone just wants to smoke, and the smoke and no pocket, will be directly to the store to shout "XX card box smoke"……

how to make the store’s popularity is higher, it is necessary to take a certain business owners strategy. In a word, "block" umbrella, in front of the store table instead of blocking my way, is a popular gathering for me, attracting wealth, supermarket turnover natural like sesame – >

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