What should pay attention to the dry cleaners

a lot of friends want to invest in a dry cleaners, dry cleaners to pay attention to the problem are also more concerned about. Whether you want to open the store, or to open stores, you need to pay attention to some problems. What problems should be paid attention to in the dry cleaners? Investment in dry cleaners, need to pay attention to the following questions:


shopThe choice of

1. address, the address of the dry cleaning store in the community store, residents shop is better, densely populated areas can bring stable traffic, and ready to start the business of funds.

2. dry cleaning shop design and decoration, store clean and bright, the configuration of the rest of the seat.

3. dry cleaners to pay attention to what issues? Dry cleaning equipment and washing supplies configuration, you must understand the independent management of the washing machine industry, equipment procurement must pay attention to quality and customer service service, which is related to whether the normal business after the store, take off your.

4. staff training, it is best to find an experienced chef to shop with laundry. Calculate the shop rent, business costs, labor wages, daily supplies, utilities and other recurring costs; bad luck, customer claims may lead to shop closed, which also have to prepare for the psychological.

5. continues to grow its business level. Increase laundry knowledge.

6. business license management.

7. opened bargain activities.


1. choose a word of mouth and reputation of the dry cleaners brand.

2. company’s strength and brand legitimacy.

3. dry cleaners to pay attention to what issues? Signed a contract with the franchisee, the franchisee under the guidance of the store location, store design and decoration, according to their own design configuration dry cleaning equipment and materials.

4. calculation of a good shop rent, business costs, labor wages, daily supplies, utilities and so on recurrent costs; bad luck, may lead to the store closed customer claims, this should also be prepared.

5. staff to join the headquarters training system, and with the help of the headquarters for business license.

6. opening ceremony.


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