Man was caught cheating bribe police pulled out 200 yuan to support the police station

multiple news reports show that when criminals are arrested they often appear in a variety of different behaviors. There are tears, have no expression, is rolling on. Recently, a man was arrested after being caught cheating police: let me go early I am busy.

Huaying 43 year old man posing as a boss he Huaying’s men, and pretend to give workers housing, then contact the business to borrow money by Jiang the victim cheated 50 thousand yuan in cash. After being arrested, two actually took out a wad of hundred dollar bills for the police let go. Its arrogance to the police said, I do business, this is my support for your police station, let me go early, I am very busy."

see police on money he came up with a completely indifferent, much rhetoric, but this did not intimidate the police. In the face of the police inquiry, he eventually confessed to the crime of fraud.

12 16 PM, Sichuan news network reporter learned from the Guang’an Yuechi police, currently on suspicion of fraud, has been arrested by police in Yuechi, the case is under further investigation. According to police, fifty thousand yuan cash Jiangmou home is ready to be used to buy goods and pay pension insurance, but was he a fool. Has now recovered 23000 yuan cheat, and returned to the victim.

Big boss man claiming to be

in line reconstruction for rental houses

2015 in November 4th, Lin Xi Jiang town of Yuechi county is home to the canteen business. At this time, a middle-aged man holding a bag and went to the village cadres Jiang side, and self introduction: "Hello, I’m Lin Xi Zhen line big boss Zhou’s now contracted wire line reconstruction project Huaying City happy town to Yuechi county Luo Du Town, want to rent a few houses give the workers live in your rent here, no problem."

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