The most investment value of the baked franchise brand

accompanied by the arrival of the food and beverage industry trend of transition, the food and beverage brands are poised to prepare their most gorgeous turn. The traditional bakery shop has gradually transformed into a new fashion trend of the new darling of the market, the majority of investors to join the project. In this small series for you the ten most investment value of the bakery franchise brand.

1, Ganso (ten pastry / bakery brand, Taiwan famous brand, Taiwan 1980) to Taiwan Ganso birthday cake, featuring souvenir main headquarters, more than 1 million of the amount of investment, supply, capital recovery period of 2-3 years.

2, Lotus Bridge (ten big cake / Pastry brand, founded in 1857, Belgium) as boutique baking dessert, chocolate, ice cream, operating a variety of coffee drinks such as pastry, cake, product positioning fashion, is the first to carry out the project’s brand DIY cake. 2004 landing in the Chinese market, the franchise fee of 20 thousand -6 million, headquartered in Hongkong, the marketing center is located in Hunan, Changsha. There are 400 stores in the country, the profit rate of 90%, with the appropriate investment, rapid earnings characteristics, by the majority of entrepreneurs trust. 2014 won the best food industry award".

3, hollyland, founded in September 1992 has become the production and operation of cake, bread, pastry, cakes, dumplings, Glutinous Rice Balls point, and other products, has a national distribution in more than and 70 large and medium-sized city thousands of retail stores, franchise fees 20-50 million.

4, "bread" in Singapore in 2000 was formally established in order to invest in the creation of high-quality bakery cake chain based, the product has a stylish, innovative, delicious features. Bread new words to join the company and investment institutions, joined the fee of 10 million or so, starting up from the capital of 5 million.

5, 85 degrees C, founded in 2004, mainly engaged in coffee and dessert, 85 degrees C expansion strategy is based on the cooperative shares of the way to reduce the rent, even rent free shop, so fast, with good pavement investors, in cooperation with the 85 degree C can certainly get great returns!

6, Hanmihadun, founded in 2006, is a collection of food research and development, production, training and sales as one of the China baked food industry leading national retail chain enterprises. Mainly engaged in bread, pastry, West Point, drinks and other products, join fee 100 thousand -200 Wan

7, Chesi uncle, was founded in 2013, the main products of light Cheese Cake, to hunger marketing way fire all over the country, the initial fee 1 million yuan, the product is unique due to its hot, also began to gradually increase the subsequent new products to solve too single >

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