Health care products list of the top ten brands

people’s living conditions are good, perhaps because of all the pressure, perhaps because of people daily life, perhaps because of the health value, in short, health care products market demand. Health care products from the beginning of 1980s, after 30 years of development, has entered an unprecedented period of rapid development, the industrial scale of up to 100 billion. The health care products on the market are numerous. Now we follow the small series together to look at the top ten brands of health care products.

health products ten brand list NO.1 health

List the reasons:

health was founded in 1995, has grown to China dietary supplements than direct leader and benchmarking enterprises is China health industry’s first AAA credit rating companies. BY-HEALTH implementation of the "three steps" differentiated global quality strategy, from the global procurement of raw materials to global raw material for base building, to set up its own global organic farm.

by the end of 2011, the proportion of imports of raw materials reached 73.35% by-health. In 2012, signed in Brazil the first global health materials for base. Health production base in Zhuhai is Asia’s most advanced dietary supplements is one of the professional production base, and the first in the industry in a more transparent way of publicity materials and production process. At present, more than 28000 health sales terminals and 500 nutrition centers distributed throughout the city in the Chinese.

health care products list of the top ten brands Amway


list of reasons: Amway is the largest direct selling companies in the United states. 1995, Amway (China) opened, the current operating area has spread over 31 provinces and autonomous regions in china. Since entering China, Amway conform to national conditions, local conditions, continuous innovation, into the Chinese society, creating a remarkable performance. 2010 Amway (China) sales of 21 billion 800 million yuan in 2011 reached RMB 26 billion 700 million, China has become Amway’s largest market in the world.


(Chinese) factory is a American company Amway the largest overseas production base, a warehouse containing 31 modern production lines and raw materials, packaging materials, production of Nutrilite nutritional health food products, cosmetics artistry, personal care and Home Furnishing care and queen pot with five series of 187 types of products. The production base built overseas Amway Corp first reflect the Nutrilite farm planting, processing and production technology and related health experience center – Amway Nutrilite Health Experience Center, the world’s first brand – Amway Chinese Exhibition Center Exhibition hall.

health care products ten brands NO.3 perfect