Jade ornaments shop need to pay attention to what

now has become a kind of jade jewelry that most people’s love, so many people want to join such an industry, a product of such shops, but to open up and go to this store?

the Hetian jade precious, if you want to do these to cost more. And these two kinds of jade in recent years rose very badly. In particular, Hetian jade, last year rose about 30%. If you open a simple jade shop, fifty thousand yuan is enough. Fifty thousand yuan and Tian Yu do not work.

are cheap and agate jade. Shipments are also large. And the division is not much. If you find a good source can try. Confucius temple in Nanjing to sell these, I looked at, are more times the goods, but the price is very cheap. Large flow of people. A lot of people buy or good.

Hetian jade jade these high grade do not recommend you try. There’s nothing good in Yunnan now. Good things are in Guangdong. Now the country’s four largest jade wholesale market in Guangdong. If you are interested, you can ask the experts to take you to the field. You don’t talk, as long as you open your mouth. The owner will know that you have a foundation, the hand prepared a knife ready to kill. Of course, if you have a hard core friend is an expert in this area.

If then open choose some low pendants, bracelets or ornaments to sell.  : first, low cost, low risk. The two is now truly know what people really not much. Look at the price to determine the quality. This line is very lucrative. What a big store usually does is a piece of material that comes out of a piece of flower to sell at a price of two. As a result, it may still be more expensive to buy a lot of flowers. People speak grades. Things are not the main. The main thing is the price on the invoice.

and now playing field is still a lot of people. Can waiting for appreciation, but difficult to distinguish between true and false. Don’t get involved if you don’t understand. Very risky.

identify is an aspect of supply. Mainly you choose dianzhi. If you sell expensive jade, the consumption level must keep up. It is also important for people to accept and welcome this.

in the open jade ornaments shop on the road, I more than ideas to everyone, or more or less there will be some inspiration, hope can really help you succeed entrepreneurship shop.


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