What are the crux of the store business difficult to do

With the rapid development of

industry, the number of shop is more and more, almost the store can buy products online, you can buy, but the price will offer a lot, this is undoubtedly to the store business has brought great trouble, causing the store’s business is more and more difficult to do. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the real estate business is difficult to do, the crux of the matter, if you also operate a store to see if the corresponding.

1, just look at how others do, do not consider who I am?

Chinese people have a habit of doing business, that is, like to see how others do. In recent years, the lighting industry store decoration and layout of the height of the "spirit", it is for this reason.

nearly 10 years, we advocate and emphasize every day: each store should be oriented to the customer needs! Who is the customer? What are their consumption habits and preferences? What is the structure of customer orders and the return cycle? And so on, these all need to understand, and not always look at other people’s shop.

have you seen the decoration of each store in Watsons is the same? Is it different from other shops? Many of our local retail stores, in fact, are still in the stage of feeling the stones across the river, so do not always look at how others do, how to do on their own, and finally lost self.

2, only consider what they want to sell goods, do not consider the customer is who?

I believe most retail stores have one thing in common, that is, no matter who enters the store, just want to push the goods they want to sell.

why? Of course, because only consider their own interests. This is also the most serious misunderstanding and the crux of the shop! Especially this year, operating cost pressures facing the relatively large retail stores, the only want to sell their most wanted to push the goods phenomenon has become aggravated trend.

3, only consider the price, do not consider the number of basket.

what is the price and the number of baskets? If your average customer price is 500 yuan, which is a single guest goods, or more than three goods, the meaning is completely different.

the price is higher, the lower the number of basket, means there is profit, off a single product sales accounted for the high culture of goods and the popularity of the low proportion of basic category, also shows that the staff are the main push they want to sell the goods.

4, only consider the gross margin of goods, do not consider the transfer rate of goods".

some famous products or easy to sell popular goods, can

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