What are the ways in which customer recognition is obtained in a shop


is shop sales, only to get the customer’s approval, so that the business can really hot up, however, how to get customer approval, this is undoubtedly the countless shops and sales personnel who concern. So, what is the way to get customer recognition?


care is another way of emotional opening. The customer is not God, they are your relatives, God you helpless, you will take care of relatives. The city is bigger and bigger, more and more professional people, is less and less relatives. If you care about your customers as relatives, they will trust you as relatives. Provocation, make things difficult, there will be no entanglement, the transaction will become silky natural.

pay more attention to change the weather outside, pay more attention to customer’s demeanor whether tired, pay more attention to the customer hand carry the weight of things, pay more attention to whether there are laoruobingcan.

moved a stool, poured a glass of water, saying that it did not rain outside the rain, it can warm the hearts of customers. If you define yourself as a professional salesman rather than a customer’s relative, the customer will doubt what you say, and he will define you as a machine that wants to sell things to him.

has a friend to go to Taishan to play, with a tour guide. He wanted to buy some souvenirs in the mountains, but the tour guide told him: "do not buy souvenirs here, here are many fake, too expensive, not worthwhile." Upon hearing this, we all feel that this guide is very good, it is for their sake, unlike other shopping guide blindly persuade tourists shopping. To the mountains, there are tourists ready to burn incense, the tour guide said: "do not burn incense here, here not only expensive, but also not necessarily ling." Visitors are very touched, met so concerned about their tour guide, said good luck.

then shopping guide inadvertently said: if you really want to burn incense, I take you to a place, we often go there to burn incense." At this time, all the tourists have completely trusted the tour guide. To the temple of the shopping guide, the person in charge said: pray for yourself only 88 yuan for the whole family to pray for $388." Family, of course, the whole family blessing to piggyback, so most choose 388 yuan of incense. The end, we found that the trick trick.

of course, this story is not to let everyone to use unscrupulous divisive tactics to achieve sales schemes and intrigues, but rather that the people are good, although the heart is also a tough, flexible fangcaode, their only way to impress is sincere concern.


everyone wants to be in his heart

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