Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship theme publicity 9 policies to support entrepreneurship

2016 innovation and entrepreneurship work needs to be more in-depth, Tianjin has entered a comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship. In order to allow more people to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, human resources and social security policy theme publicity campaign has been launched!

for in-depth promotion of human social security policies, promote the implementation of the policy, to better benefit the people’s livelihood, this year the city human social security bureau to carry out the human resources and social security policy in the theme of promotional activities. This print from March to publish the employment, personnel, social security and other human resources and social security policies.

to extend students start to support the deadline. Will be extended to support college students 2 years before graduation and after graduation for 5 years.

, content of innovation and entrepreneurship training. Vocational training package to develop new business training content to meet the needs of different entrepreneurial groups and different stages of entrepreneurial training needs. To participate in the training of qualified certificate, giving training fee subsidies to entrepreneurship training institutions in accordance with the standard 500 yuan per person to participate in the training, entrepreneurial success within half a year, according to the number of successful entrepreneurs entrepreneurship training institutions to give subsidies 1000 yuan / person.

Provide business loans to support

. The small loans adjusted for business loans, independent entrepreneurs can apply for a maximum of 300 thousand yuan of business loans, the loan period not exceeding 2 years, discount loans in accordance with the provisions of the above; has successful entrepreneurship and promote employment 5 entrepreneurs operate in a stable, may be given a maximum of not more than 500 thousand yuan of loans to support. The conditional county should establish the credit guarantee mechanism of College Students’ entrepreneurial loans.

To give

of college founded enterprises to absorb college graduates graduation within 2 years and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the provisions, according to the employment number can apply for a one-time business employment subsidy standards for each employs 1 people 3000 yuan subsidies, the highest total of not more than 30 thousand yuan; or for employment for 1 years of job subsidies and 3 years of social insurance subsidies.

to give rent subsidies. College students receive business license and rental housing production and operation, according to the standard of 1800 yuan per month to grant rent subsidies, the longest no more than 24 months.

to expand the scope of business support for college students. College graduates to the field of entrepreneurship, in accordance with the city’s green card policy, enjoy the same entrepreneurial support policies.

to give students in business incubator grant. In the city has a fixed incubator, the establishment of a management service team in accordance with the law, business incubation base construction area of not less than 200 recommended

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