The story of college student village official and black peony

around in our life there are some very extraordinary entrepreneurs, they often have some super extraordinary entrepreneurial experience, the next will introduce such an entrepreneur is very extraordinary.

How can

"I don’t know, that’s our baby!" in Huaibin Fang Hu Zhen, if you ask you from the "Black Peony", people will say a smile. Black peony is not a nickname, not flowers, but the local people to get rich magic weapon – Yu Nan black pig.

2009, Zheng Jiancheng as a college student village official, when the road along the village committee assistant.

in the years of practice, Zheng Jian found in the remote hometown, there is a native black pig, very valuable. So the initiation of the idea of breeding local ecological black pig.

he soon, despite family opposition, raised 500 thousand yuan, the transfer of land 100 acres, of which 80 acres of planting grass as green forage planting base. At the same time, the high price of the acquisition of 50 black pig in the town, named Changxin ecological black pig, began his ecological pig road. Under the careful breeding of Zheng Jian, black pig production and breeding good, but not the family and the villagers expected, the sale of his headache.

2010, perplexed Zheng Jian in the Midwest pig fairs, met the famous Jin Ren Ren – Lord of the flies, and joined the first community support national farm she founded the "new people’s commune", the use of community support for farm, open the selling market, attracting a large number of high-end consumer groups, pork supply, ushered in the Zheng Jian ecological farming soil pig spring. Henan black pig is also due to eat grains, meat taste good, high nutritional value, ecological security, high economic value, the locals dubbed the pig in the black peony".

to lead more rich folks, generate economies of scale, in December 2010, Zheng Jian organized under the village along the road incorporated the "anti Hu Zhen Changxin ecological farming cooperatives, registered capital of 2 million yuan, up more than 30 households in the village and nearby members. Cooperatives to members of the unified provision of pigs, unified technical guidance, unified sales, unified epidemic prevention and other services. And registered the "old black" brand ecological black pig trademark.

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