What is the feeling of falling in love with an entrepreneur

Abstract: during the start-up, I am not ready to fall in love, and so I venture to say. This is the idea of most entrepreneurs. However, I really want to say, when you start a business success, your youth can come back? When you want to fall in love, you will love again?


you don’t know about love, especially with the entrepreneurs, I feel is not very good, entrepreneurs most concerned about their career, rarely accompany you, of course, they are very motivated, with no company can understand, the most intolerable is, usually, entrepreneurs or boyfriend female friends will be very stingy, but also selfish, you need to pay a lot, however, love is not necessarily married, feeling that something is very unstable, once the other business success, then, as his girlfriend or boyfriend will decide on what path to follow and it is hard to expect.

so, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, be sure to treat him or her.

of course, this is my personal opinion, and my friend A, although at that time had enjoyed a happy day, but the final outcome is not very good.

of course, now she has said goodbye to the past that day, now has a new job and family.

A is my college classmate, after graduation, a chance, I actually found that I live in a community with A.

since then, I often go out with A, of course, a closer look at the life of A.

A conditions, A I am clever, kind, gentle, fried a good food, long handsome, a pair of watery eyes, an elegant long hair, is usually the most people’s eyes the beauty.

A with her boyfriend, is also a very romantic encounter.

A have a walk on the way home, picked up a U disk, the U disk inside there is the owner of the U disk phone, as well as graduation thesis. So, A is very kind to the owner to make a phone call, and then two people met met.

A said, do not know what is love at first sight or, after two people began to love.

then, A began to fall in love with an entrepreneur.

A’s boyfriend is engaged in the Internet, at that time, A with his boyfriend, her boyfriend who rented a room two, A with his boyfriend and another classmate, three people in a room, another room is three people living. Then, because of his boyfriend’s lack of manpower, A for the great love, but also resigned to help his boyfriend to start his own business, lost his basic salary, every month to give only a few A living expenses.

face material conditions and life in this way, A is always smiling, and did not complain to me, on the contrary, "

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