Ziyang bright kitchen stoves this year is expected to complete 1000

food safety issues, has been plagued by social. Many consumers eat out, are worried about food safety problems. This time, Ziyang bright kitchen stove is expected to be completed this year, 1000, will promote the further development of food safety.

city this year will be completed at least 1000 bright kitchen stoves construction tasks. Among them, Yanjiang District 300, Lezhi County, 300, Anyue County, 400.

to 2017, all food and beverage service units in Ziyang bright kitchen stoves to complete 60%, completed in 2018, completed in 80%, in 2019. School canteens, large restaurants, large restaurants, as well as the newly established and transformation of catering units, school canteens, the first to take the lead in installation.

According to

reports, "Ming Liang kitchen stove", is through the transparent glass walls, wall partition, video and other forms of the kitchen, the kitchen directly display or display through the network, take the initiative to accept the supervision of consumers, safeguard the people’s right to know, the right of supervision.


initiative is conducive to the restaurant owners to fulfill the first responsibility for food safety responsibilities, improve the management level; to carry out supervision by network, to solve the problem of shortage of personnel supervision, improve the supervision efficiency, integrated into the smart city construction.

currently the city has completed the bright kitchen stoves 574 engineering transformation, including transparent kitchen 157, cut off the kitchen of the family, the video kitchen 294. The next step, the city will be through the comparison, the introduction of large state-owned enterprises to participate in the support of the Ming Liang kitchen stove "construction, the introduction of enterprise equipment quality, customer service service to the catering units to make a public commitment, restaurant owners try to reduce investment, promote food safety social cohabitation.

in the process of economic development, although we have achieved some success. However, many problems still need us to carry out effective solutions in a timely manner, in order to make our market environment more healthy, in order to make our food security be better protected!

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