White-collar resignation opened a noodle shop entrepreneurial dream

many people are yearning for white-collar work, this is a very stable occupation, but many people would choose the more challenging business, today we say business case is a successful white-collar resignation shop, and continued efforts to succeed, here is his story share it!

2008 graduated from Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School of business English major, I went to Guangdong to work, he served as a Hong Kong Group Shenzhen branch of the Department, with an enviable salary, but in his career a good time, but he quit his job, choose self employment.

round to work for myself dream, at the end of 2011, Zhou Zhengbo came to the next Dadukou, a small noodle shop with 40 thousand yuan, to start a business. "At first, it was not smooth, even washing dishes, finishing the dishes are not good, have to endure the customer’s training curse." Zhou Zhengbo admitted that, for this reason, he opened a restaurant to consult a friend, while learning a variety of online food and beverage knowledge, and gradually made in line with customer tastes of food, creating a distinctive brand of hot and sour powder.

at present, Zhou Zhengbo has opened 3 stores in the city, "now every day I have to go to the store, personally to make condiments." Zhou Zhengbo said his store every day to receive seven, eight hundred people, but also often receive foreign guests.


is only a small museum, but Zhou Zhengbo as a career, not just to make money, but also want to create a brand. At present, fourth stores Zhou Zhengbo decoration is ready to start, he told reporters that the work for yourself, is to create a different life, "now I have a bigger dream, I want to own a small noodle shop to the country, to overseas."

there are a lot of people can not understand, to give up the white-collar work to go to the shop to sell, this is why? However, it turns out that this is a very correct approach, not only to challenge themselves, but also to succeed. In this way, this is not a case, as long as we have a firm goal, there is a chance of success.

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