Entrepreneurial hot words struck as entrepreneurial innovation applauded

during the two sessions on the current important issues have done a summary discussion. Among them, the innovation and entrepreneurship, the topic, naturally is the concern of entrepreneurs. March 8th, the two countries into the sixth day. Government work report on the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, artisan spirit and other hot words, continue to cause hot Internet users.

@ students inspirational book: NPC and CPPCC held economic hot topic cited. I see the country’s public entrepreneurship, innovation and development of the emerging industry under full swing. The market is full of driving force of China, and China is taking off with the times.

@ RA RA: "13th Five-Year" start to the year, the government work report will be "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples" push, let me see the country’s economic take-off hope. Refueling, Chinese brand; refueling, Chinese enterprises!

@ Monet Chaoyang: innovation driven, Chinese entrepreneurs are standing at a new historical starting point, facing the world, to the future! China innovation, precise force, constantly awesome!

@ bottle: point initiated "Menglong craftsman spirit" in the government work report! Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, not only can enhance the competitiveness of the country, but also the best way for the general public to achieve personal value!

@ yo AI: Artisan spirit why time node in the moment appeared in the government work report? This is because after years of development, China has become a large body of manufacturing industry, but the low level of the product can not afford a manufacturing powerhouse. Only the transformation and upgrading, improve the quality of Chinese made, in order to adapt to the growing demand.

@ sun Chinese HONG: Artisan spirit need thick planting soil. At present, the formation of advocating "artisan spirit" of the social atmosphere, need to use "it takes a strategic vision to persevere," calcium ", from the cultivation of the spirit of reform to the occupation, occupation education, and then to the system of honor incentives and culture cultivation, multi pronged concerted efforts to make China manufacturing muscles stronger, brand louder.



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