Venture capital company


as chicken soup summarize the reasons for the failure, there are many reasons for the failure, which funds or financing is one of the main reasons, some because of funding problems and the failure of the venture company, let us look at it!


1.Deliveree  King

"we have the layout of the city is only 15, but it is difficult for us to continue. And we do not get the investment, the business needs to expand the scope of funds, but we do not have money, it is difficult to break through."

2.Top  10

Are very large

"hotel industry scale, coverage and budget, so it is a very challenging field. Top  10 the company has done a good job in this difficult area of innovation. But in the end, because of the fierce competition, we did not have the money to expand the scale, had decided to close the company."




everyone in our team are reduced to fragments that we don’t have much time left, we will face a series of problems. But it is worth noting that each of them is still very dedicated, very hard, work until the last moment. I want to thank them for their dedication to the company and to each other. We regret to say that we have made some achievements, but we don’t have time and money to finish the work.



We were going to make

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