Aiming at the optimization of Google keyword advertising new quality score system

in the next few weeks, Google will release a new method for deciding when your ad will appear. Instead of using the "retention, test, and shut down" of the old system instead of a "quality based system", the keyword is either active or inactive.

Google how to get quality score:

"new keywords will no longer be shut down or have a minimum point rate (CTR) threshold. On the contrary, as long as your keywords with quality scores high enough (determined by the keyword feed rate and advertising text relevance, keywords historical performance and other relevant factors) and the largest CPC will trigger advertising.

because there are more forms of the algorithm, you will be displayed in the position of the ad will have greater control over the position.


think the mass fraction system is very simple? Please think twice!

market is facing the challenges of the following aspects.

inexperienced advertisers are likely to increase their maximum CPC to maintain their paid search rankings. This will only solve the current problems, and will result in budget overruns and greatly increase the cost of advertising.

in order to achieve a more positive state, improve CPC is one of the ways, but before you need to spend more money, there is a more important thing, that is, through the optimization to improve the quality score.

in addition, the experience of the ad may also delete the existing inactive keywords, but do not know, just through the account, the structure of the budget adjustment can easily be activated. In this case, they may lose some of the key conversion return with extreme ease.

to keep the keywords active, an experienced agency will do:

* changes the structure of accounts, advertising campaigns, ad groups and keywords

* change advertising campaign budget

* refining content oriented

* optimized for your max


* choose the right keywords to match

* to ensure the quality of the text of the advertising cycle

* choose the right keywords

* Build ad campaigns reverse keywords

* implement content sites exclude

The new quality system of

Google will make it harder for those inexperienced advertisers to gain an advantage over experienced paid search agents. Note that more companies are hiring agents to manage more complex quality scores for Google keyword ads, rather than keeping a close eye on the click rate.

because the change is coming, if you want to get paid for the vacation

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