The development of network picture station station

image station can be developed into the network through the station, don’t you know? Fanchon station on the flow are very high, the domestic famous web station with a banner, Qihoo and other resources on the web station. Since there are some excellent links to resources on the network, where is the natural link station that will get high traffic through the network, the general network station one day traffic over a million.

network station, is also a way to get traffic, network station in favor of original articles or pictures, if the site is the original content, then the web station will produce unexpected results. The use of a method to obtain the flow of resources to provide technology, in addition to the film, software download resources often stolen chain, is an important object of image network by utilizing image hotlinking, so hotlinking, can obtain the same high flow. Here is a picture using the method to obtain the flow of rampant hotlinking:

1. creates a picture station, you can choose any of the two themes of beauty and comedy, because these two themes are the hottest themes in Web graphics.

2. goes to Baidu picture search, enters the relevant search words, and then arranges a large number of related themes of the picture.

3. upload these pictures to your own picture station.

4. also sends these pictures in the form of calls to the picture forums at the portal.

5. pictures will continue to be reproduced by some picture stations, and all in the form of calls.

6., when the server calls more than 300 thousand times, the space inside the picture all downloaded.

7. uses the batch function of PHOTOSHOP to cut the bottom 1 cm into white, and then enter in the white area: "beautiful woman write ~ ~":

8. then upload the pictures and upload them to the server to cover the original picture.

9., if you want to do better, you can not enter the address in the white area, and enter: the beauty of the QQ number is XXXX

like this, every day can get tens of thousands of IP, to obtain the traffic station by using this method compared to the previous link resources skills more easy to use, and generally know a little knowledge of the network can be easily operated. The pictures on the big picture stations in our country all add watermark advertising, the principle is the same. Remember, do the station, must buy the space, or the spider to you stand can not open, you will be finished.

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