Analysis of the reasons why Taobao sellers encounter bottlenecks

recently received several Yutong Taobao small sellers on WeChat for help, said Taobao is operating on certain types of products, is now in poor condition, excuse me what method can be changed; and in the Taobao business for several years, still no breakthrough, no way, after the pursuers, anxious……

It’s really hard for

to be a small seller, but it’s impossible to give an effective opinion simply by the other person’s description. But Yu Tong and sellers are very busy, communicate with each other too much, did not get the details, will first talk about some views of general, after the time to share with Taobao was through ideas, hoping to give the small sellers in the struggle to bring inspiration.

although each shop’s situation is different, but Tong Tong think now Taobao small sellers encounter bottleneck for three main reasons:

I do not have a clear business logic thinking (and it can stand the test of practice).

no clear business logic, I do not know, and can not continue to build their own competitiveness, difficulties encountered, do not know how to do. Ask yourself: why do customers choose you and buy your things? What are your unique strengths?

small sellers do Taobao did not think, see what others do what, or because some chance (friends by the enlightenment, to get some supplies and so on) unsuspectingly opened a shop. However, with your development, as the market competition becomes more and more intense, you will have to think about this problem sooner or later. If you can’t think of it, you will face the difficult situation gradually.

When we enter the Taobao

, we choose a better understanding of the customers of the industry, so to know what customers want, not the deviation of wasting money; in order to ensure successful, chose at that time in the Taobao is selling hot category, suggesting that this type of product demand, relatively easy to do; and then choose a brand is relatively neglected in the category, the purpose is to subdivide the market, differentiation, avoid fierce competition.

advantage to find on their own, often can find relatively unique, others difficult to copy.

I was in Guangzhou, when we relied on the advantages of Guangzhou local supply, Guangzhou has some world-class circulation market, I just need to compete with the local competitors in Guangzhou. Some people say that foreign competitors can also purchase from Guangzhou, then his price is higher than us. At that time, customers tell: "I found online this kind of product has two sources, you come to Guangzhou, the quality is good, the price is more expensive; the other one is Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, is produced in Yiwu, poor quality, low price."

I found a situation in which each manufacturer had several of its own products, but only a few, because as manufacturers were limited by capacity and cost, they could not produce so much. We will integrate the supply because we are completely free from the internet. Customers like to see our website because they are full of goods and customers like it

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