Yang Wenjian why do write the second stage – writing = fame

two, writing = fame,

got the hang of it and saw Wang Tong saying, "write an article every day and stick to it a year later and become famous.". So I want to continue writing, writing for a period of time, found tired, fame is not simple. Write old long, QQ space or that number ten or twenty, blog on a few IP. It seems too hard to write famous, and it’s too hard to keep writing. It’s hard to keep on writing and get into the habit of writing. But let my friend poured a cold water on me, he is kind, of course, he said is very reasonable. In order to write every day, I often see what I think of is to write down, my whole day’s work is to collect material for writing, nothing doing nothing.

my friend said, "why do you have to write?".

I say that after writing, you can make use of a lot of resources.


," he said, "what would you have done if you hadn’t written before?".

I said, I will seriously think about the problem, to carry out my mind.

"That’s right,"

says. "Don’t write for writing. You can do meaningful things without writing. More than that.".

I think about it carefully. Indeed, these days. I wrote a lot of articles, but I didn’t do any real work. Why do you write something messy, or do you think you should do something?.

wrote as a celebrity and ended up with nothing.

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