Design and development of Flash personal website

Web authoring and website construction knowledge and technology is very important in the network content. This article mainly expounds the general idea and procedure of building website with Flash. These contents mainly include five aspects: the content and the goal of the website, the website structure planning, the scene planning, the material preparation and the production separately. Here are some examples.

1. Determine the content and objectives of the website

The specific needs of the factors considered include the

web site to determine the content and objectives: to determine the theme of the site, the site will use what kind of elements, which elements need to be repeated, relationships between elements, elements of how to exercise, and material resources website need, background music style, the entire site can be divided into several logical blocks, how various relations the logic between the blocks, so as to construct the overall structure of the site, and draw the structure of relations, so as to determine the research content and the overall style of the site.

two, website structure planning,

establishes the site structure plan, which is to establish the structure hierarchy and definition navigation of the website. The quality of the directory structure affects the browsing feeling of the website, determines whether the information can be obtained from the website as soon as possible, and has important influence on the maintenance, content updating, expansion and transplantation of the website. Create a clear and concise list of contents in each section. Each column has only the name retained on the front page. Determine the static content and dynamic content of the web site and its location and proportion on the page, and update it frequently.

three, scenario planning,

Flash website to achieve a variety of various effects, but the basic principle is the same: the main scene as a stage, ratio of length to width of the stage and provide a standard layout structure, the specific content of the actor is sub section of the website, according to the contents of the column structure derived more sub section. The main scene as the foundation stage, maintain its basic content unchanged, the other actor subclass, the second type of content to be imported into the main scene according to the needs.

four, material ready

determine the good site goals and structure, the next thing to do is to collect related resources and materials, the content of the site must be rich. Divide different content into several sections, such as life, tourism, health, IT and so on. This is not only convenient for web designers, but also more convenient for users to obtain relevant information. The resources and materials to be collected are mainly as follows:

1. text information

text is the theme of a web site, and no matter how complex it is, the text is the basic element. No matter what type of website, you can not do without narrative text. In addition, the text has the advantages of easy editing, small generated files and easy downloading. Therefore, to make a successful website, you must provide enough text information, and can skillfully set these words. It should be noted that these textual materials should highlight the subject and be concise and to the point.

2. picture information >


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