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station for a few years, but inside the unit, write some small systems, so little contact with what, SEO, traffic and other things Wangzhuan owners for having heard it many times now. For nearly a year before his personal website, came into contact with any of that stuff.

at first got a domain name, found a space, and then began personal webmaster trip. How do you stand fast?. Ha-ha。 Find a free CMS system, even templates, designs, and so forth, all the way to the web site. Spent more than a month (no way to go to work, to work), after the line, nothing to do to promote. Hasn‘t got time。 Occasionally do page optimization. For 3 and 4 months, access remained at around 1000IP. Khan Oh, it is estimated that thousands of other webmaster have it. Novice can not cough up. Now there is a certain amount of traffic, began to want to find some sites to do links. Now get to the point,

first, self feeling, the general flow of the small station do not do anything, 265 funding chain and so on, just to others advertising, landing N has not been audited, not chains, huh?. Some personal web sites look good. But it didn’t bring much traffic. And generally you need to have their links, and the site where you log in will mention the front. The effect of Different people, different views.. Anyway, both sides are advertising. There is to find other webmaster links. I think it’s important to make links. First, the link address must be direct, which is your website address. Some links are similar to what link.asp, id=123213, and so on, and then automatically jump to your site, such links do not make any sense, it is recommended not to even.

in addition to the home chain, there is a link below every page. There is also the inner page chain, such as adding links in the link.html. Feel the home chain is the best, and the other thing is not understand, join a literature station, tens of thousands of articles, each page below you have links. ) what’s the effect? Don’t know, master, please answer. It feels better not to go there.

another thing to note is that and should work differently. belongs to subdomain., of course. Interesting。 When the webmaster and I link. Specially marked to my chain, ha ha, I also kind answer, then you also put my domain name www removed. Interesting。

enterprise stations should actively develop long-term link strategies, because backlinks are still an important factor in stable ranking. You can look at some of the top web sites that are supported by links, and believe that the depth of the link algorithm will not change for the time being, but the link strategy should be layered and sub – technical.

1. link keywords and their descriptions

usually when we do links, we need to use specific keywords as link text, >

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