Music electricity supplier exploration analysis to cloud music and shrimp as an example

author of this article to cloud music and shrimp as an example, the music APP electricity providers were explored and analyzed. Existing electricity providers to explore, look at the viable electricity supplier penetration exploration, in the end its opportunities and challenges is what? Take a look at ~


reference review area and related product reports can be roughly understood: Music APP users have younger (80 percent majority), women in the majority, the majority of high-income earners and other characteristics. Users are characterized by high brand loyalty and strong purchasing power.

currently on the market the two most distinctive music software even NetEase, cloud music and small shrimp music. Products are active, each has its own personality and attitude, and users achieve each other. The relationship between music APP and electricity supplier has been ambiguous. How to guarantee in fan experience, do not bother to make a good attempt to win business, is worth studying.

APP status quo

cloud music

advantage lies in the quality of the middle reaches of the ecological layout, pay attention to boot UGC, to create high-quality content closed loop, high user viscosity. This has a lot to do with NetEase’s media genes – the news of the NetEase in the gateway period has often been brought into public view by "God replies.".

shrimp music

advantage lies in the strong upstream ecological layout, focusing on strong operation, clear classification, clear target audience. Among them, compared with shrimp and NetEase radio station can see, shrimp radio station is a small amount of opinion leaders up, and its "elite" attribute is more significant. This is associated with Ali’s electricity supplier genes are not unrelated, leaving the most suction eyes earned shouting.

community atmosphere comparison

compare the two community atmosphere, cloud music to create "music + empathy" as the core of the music community. Users of APP to develop a sense of strong, can find the values of the resonance here, and to have a better understanding of their own hobbies; the first impression is the focus on shaping the small shrimp shock, can attract a clear type of music demands of the audience, such as a group of fans.

, for example, like a cloud music department to develop adorable sister idol, take the people first line, showing the content according to the user feedback to make flexible adjustment; standard factory production of small shrimp like idol idol, a debut with people, audience positioning mature, strong content distributors. Cloud music business circles, shrimp dished out accurate positioning of the goods. In fact, compared to cloud music and shrimp contract object, but also to confirm the above statement: the former get copyright, compared to the latter minority.

existing electricity supplier to explore

features: small shrimp Ali electricity supplier platform contains small shrimp red welfare VIP trial (aims to train users to pay to listen to more and more high-quality songs habits; overseas download service has increased the proportion of users buy high capacity


cloud music features: cloud music store

, which sells only music equipment

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