Valuation 2 billion counter attack and hidden way how to ensure the quality of settled m


but this model also faces uncontrollable risks, once the merchants settled in share prices, increased flooding, all aspects of service quality, to ensure that all kinds of inferior imitation version often came into being, and then lead to ecological electricity supplier is not controllable.


last year after $10 billion market capitalization of gorgeous counter attack, women are socialized to vertical electricity supplier brand began taking over the day before, according to the Wall Street journal news, is preparing a new round of financing, may be raised to $300 million and get a $2 billion valuation. To know that in June last year, won the C round of financing, the amount of more than $200 million, funded by magnolia, Zhi capital letters to lead investor, the valuation is $1 billion, over the past three quarters after, the amount of financing and again set the industry’s imagination, valuation doubled. After, can be called another "demon stock"".

June founded in 2010 is a new female buyers community, shopping and community, business and social combination, in the present situation, its growth at an alarming rate, this model also won the recognition of the capital market value. From the public data, at present, has 85 million registered users, 35 million months of active users, the average monthly transaction volume of about 300 million yuan., said the electricity supplier in the field of social beauty and regard each other as the biggest rival, the two sides in the position, function and style, the main visual, UI design is quite similar, and running continuously in the same fate with experience., said the beautiful are relying on Taobao’s share of soil to do shopping guide started, profit model is based on Taobao commissions and business advertising, had said all rely on this beautiful pattern live very good, such as has reached UV400 daily, daily from Taobao to get a commission of 500 thousand traffic distribution platform. But for the shopping guide model, relying on the growth of Taobao’s soil, born without security, because the right to speak in the hands of Ali platform. For example, from the beginning of 2012, Taobao began to ban foreign link, banning Alipay payment and cannot link to the Taobao business. 2013, both were banned to Alibaba, women have been forced to vertical electronic business platform transformation. At present, both are gradually expanding, in the shadow of the giant in 2014, said the beautiful commodity turnover of 5 billion 600 million yuan, turnover of nearly 3 billion 600 million yuan At present, outside, beautiful say also spread IPO.

in addition, is also currently with Ping An Bank, Penghua Fund launched in collaboration with the expected annual yield of up to 12% of financial products " financial". We can see that after the ban suffered by Alibaba, also started heartland impact Ali low-key, although said money is not independent of the Internet financial products, but in the release of user’s online shopping consumption ability.


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