The most important thing to do is to put on the website

why do you say so, because the site do beautiful, program design is again good, all of this problem to the website for the record before, you would be a big problem, because in Chinese, think through the website for the record is not a simple matter, at least a month to normal through. Of course, I do not deny that a lot of this time has not been achieved quickly passed, but still have to admit that there are some more than a month or even longer to complete the site for the record. These are indisputable facts, why is there such a situation, this should be attributed to China socialist system, in order to plan and promote the development of China Internet e-commerce and the Internet China stable, specially issued such a policy, it is the website of the Ministry of Information Industry Department filing system in general Chinese, all business or non business website to go through the record, to prevent all illegal acts of illegal vulgar information or damage the development of the internet. Specific Baidu website for the record, there is a detailed introduction, here is not much to explain!


is just want to tell these webmaster friends a reminder, not too much publicity on the site to do when not proud too early, there is a huge problem and challenge is to greet the results of our hard labor, we need to examine the site, if the line must first record, if not for the record it can only tell you the station to say goodbye. Of course, the problem is not so serious, you can choose foreign space and services for all this crying, no problem, the only problem is slow, affect your new customer satisfaction and the quality of the user. Slowly open the web site first impression is that it is slow, for new sites, will not leave a good impression to the customer, so the only way is how to solve the website for this, this problem can be smoothly done or easily solved website to formally launched operations. The registration process is more complex, the Ministry once again upgraded, now record must provide ID scan is negative, this is only the most basic and important is also taking pictures for the record, photographing the scene, but also personal passport size photos, it was difficult to pour a lot of webmaster, not a small blow so, I said before doing the station first the most important first website for the record.

suggested that the domain name registration after the first domain name for the record, don’t wait for website ready on-line when happy to remember the record, it will affect your mood, will cut your will, against your confidence. You will find the original record so difficult, the site is not really completed the task, the most important of the first record win is the primary task, so that we can do after the head of the road smoothly! If you can’t fix and take the record, then you know how to learn to put their authorization, or not do not the thing to do will do and do good people to do, as long as you were on the line, here strongly recommend to everyone, because the success of the record’s goal is to help more Adsense website for success, solve your troubles and record all the record filing AC QQ:85136768>!

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