This is how started the grassroots webmaster dream!

09 years ago, before July, I applied for a few free two level domain name sites in some free self-help sites. For example, in any2000, Internet plug-ins and so on. I did a news site, and at the beginning I added something manually online every time. After a period of time, but also slowly learned some HTML code, can be in their own web site to engage in a few goldfish swim, can show ip, can call, search, etc..

is a happy thing for me! Later learned put statistical code on the web, I remember I used 51la and 51yes, I always love in front of others say I have a website, you come to my site! You in Baidu search what can find my station! So, that time indescribably happy. Later, and all experienced webmaster, learned to apply for some advertising Union, at that time, two domain name application, Ali mother’s CPC is still very easy to pass. Every day I have to see my mother back, you have a few cents a day in my heart indescribably happy, really have a sense of achievement, my site every day there will be a more than 300 IP, what are the keywords to body art. Under a friend’s suggestion, I joined some self-help exchange chain, short time flow increase, are playing edge ball, in order to flow very crazy.

later, Ali mother’s advertising cheating, more than 300 yuan did not take out, complained N back is futile. And I know on the Internet to do standing friends, also pointed out that my site can not call the site, nor belong to themselves, the main station closed, I can not even get the data back. And any2000 has been closed several times for rectification. Friends say you do what you want to do, but also help others do promotion, as you do an independent web site. Later, I was so certain information network is established, and then learn from absolutely ignorant of domain name resolution, the use of space, I began to play the ASP, set up in the webmaster to download the CMS source code, upload to space, and then after a few days of work to modify the source code, copyright, I even the background of the copyright is modified into me.

all the way along with and so webmaster, slowly update website, to webmaster class site hair soft Wen, find friendship links. So I became a thousand grassroots webmaster! I know what I’m going to have a lot of things to learn, the website also need to keep working on it, because now the country for Internet policy is not very stable, so I know the future road of the site is also very difficult, but I want to say: I have confidence in this I will keep on keeping on!! grassroots friends: I believe we must be paid on the harvest of


Chutian stationmaster station, Hubei stationmaster net starts, the original text address:, the author is Hubei Xiantao person: Mao Hongliang. Welcome to reprint, reprint this article, please retain the copyright and links! Thank you!

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