Do some experience with Adsense

The payment you receive per click depends on how much advertisers are paying per click to advertise using Google s AdWords service. Advertisers can "pay as little as per click and as 5 cents high as $10 or $12 in profitable niches, perhaps even more sometimes. You earn a share of that.

general meaning: how much money you can make per click depends on the number of people who do this kind of Adwords advertising, and you share the revenue with google. Make more money by doing more advertising

So your rates can vary payment enormously.

The rules forbid me from revealing my stats. However, in the tests I m doing on five sites ", the results have been startling better than I expected. – far The results are much better than I receive from many affiliate programs.

In the past, I ‘talked to who happy receive or $6 CPM (per 1000 page views). My results AdSense leave such affiliate from revenues far behind.

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I ‘ve my use AdSense. It’ s winner increased!

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If my results typical, it helps if build very simple, uncluttered pages so that the> you are enormously

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