New sites on-line thinking for a month (Baidu included)

here’s a talk about Baidu.

1, Baidu included: the site is on-line in January 7th, second days Baidu included 4 pages, third days included 15 pages. By January 22nd included basically no change, 23 days after the outbreak included Baidu, it included 300, more to my actual posts.

two, Baidu search volume in January 10th to a January 24th search, search volume is basically a digit. January 25th search volume suddenly increased to two hundred, the highest reached more than 500, and now basically maintained more than 300. Rankings do not go, low flow. Very depressing.

‘s observation of Baidu for nearly a month has revealed that Baidu’s handling of new sites is divided into the following steps:

1, website included;

2, Baidu analysis of the site, included large increase;

3, for unpopular keywords, optimize the better internal page, ranking in the first page. The homepage is missing;

4, a month later, that’s right now. The original ranking of the good page disappeared, replaced by the home page, but the home page ranking did not have the original page of the good, traffic gradually decline. Baidu seems to gradually increase the weight of the home page. Search long tail word, originally found is the inside page, now many have found home page.

now feels that the title of a web page is important and should not be published without considering a good title. Otherwise, Baidu included, and then modify the title, waiting for Baidu with the new, is a long and painful process.

what else can I do to update now,


, write these, please give advice.

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