What is a user experience t is earlier than the opponent found pain points, and quickly resolved

talked about it from a small thermometer today.

one night last week, in a small range of Sharon O2O, a burly chap stopped me, especially sincere said: "I am a sharp, entrepreneurs, mainly women and children to do business, I want to talk to you some doubts."

if I were not reserved, I would yell: "now, women and children can be called entrepreneurs!"

he was very upset about his confusion. Originally, he worked with several friends to start intelligent hardware, and chose the direction of the smart thermometer, the main attack on women and children. Now, he said he was going to name the time to raise the public, but suddenly found that the same type of product market appeared a lot, plus money spent almost, I do not know should not stick to it.

as a layman’s mouth gun expert, I asked "why women are the target users?" he started to tell me a very long very fluent words, can tell a lot of times, the focus is the expression of the female in the preparation of pregnancy during measurement of body temperature to calculate the optimum date.

is this user demand? Yes, but not all user requirements need to be met. My idea is to be precise about a group of users rather than counting on this product. At this stage, first abandon female users, the main children.

for parents of children, the thermometer needs to let children honest with don’t move, then it is not a band change a model can play a role? For children, cold thermometer can not what impression, but if can join the fun factor, such as a folder full of time can have a cartoon for example, other voices can do a giraffe like animal image……

that day, I gave a very low example at the salon. When I graduated from college ten years ago, some of my good brothers wrapped up an Internet cafe on the two floor. Before the package, the two layers are the same, no difference in the Internet area. After the package, a room on the two floor put several beds, transformed into an overnight lounge. Another room was converted into a VIP room, usually locked the door, the main reception is: less than 18 years old street boys. Today, we only talk about user pain points, not social responsibility……


the biggest feature of this VIP compartment is an iron ladder outside the window…… Because for the street boys under 18 years old, their pain is to get on the Internet without being caught by mom and dad. For Internet cafes, minors can not be found by public security departments. Therefore, an iron ladder to meet the needs of products, coupled with reliable services, such as the first floor of the network management super VIP parents look, then timely notification, plus window escape, the user needs met.

a lot of people were brushed off by the release of millet TV last week. I was in the field to feel the rice flour crazy, walking on the sidelines, from time to time there are men and women asked me, "do you sell chest?"

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