Web design, psychology and music research designing a good Web page

feeling has been raining for more than 900 days, the body also seem to grow moss and mushroom. Down, your, sister’s, rain… Calm down, get down to business. This text in fact before the Spring Festival has started, but during the continuous seen several articles more want to do, so there is changing the integrity. This time coincides with mother’s day, seize the time to make up. Walk up.

with the progress of technology, Web design concepts and techniques are also evolving. More and more kinds of equipment bring more and more challenges to us. How to make the design scheme most suitable for the performance and specification attributes of all kinds of equipment in the most reasonable way is the problem we must consider in our work.

in the face of such challenges, on the one hand we will feel that once familiar with the field of work suddenly full of unknown, and on the other hand, has been prevalent in the old problems are still in front. Do we need to devote all our energies to solving all the old and new details, or can we look for some guiding truth from the macro perspective,

?The history of

Web design is too short. If we want to understand some major principles, we may as well put our vision far away and let our ideas leap beyond the scope of design. In fact, we can really find some abstract, more general ideas and patterns from the areas that do not seem to have much to do with the design to help us solve our problems. Psychology and music are the objects that we can study and explore. Next, let’s take a look at the relationship between Bach and the challenges facing the current Web design. Bach hey.

Bach and "good tempered clay" (twelve clavier for Piano set)

in 1722, Bach produced a set of 48 Preludes and Fugue (24 major minor) piano set, mainly used to train young musicians educational material. This set of album is one of the most important works in the history of western music, has extremely far-reaching influence. Bach himself named it "The Klavier Well-Tempered Clavier"".

why is this episode so significant in history that it is not a very orthodox practice to play all the tunes on keyboard instruments in the age of Bach. From a physical standpoint, a keyboard instrument with a fixed pitch can only play several specific modes at a time. For the tuning system of that age, it was almost impossible to play all 12 modes on the piano.

‘s laws of physics are difficult to break through, but human perception can be changed, and the solution is to redefine the concept of "blending.". Some intervals with standard pitch will cause slight deviations in adjustment, thus producing a new tuning system, so that people can play all the music.

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