Youth priceless, nternet ruthless webmaster, please rethink yourself

to write this article and may not Wangzhuan relationship, but please give me three minutes to calm down to see this article, because you will harvest. Today we are not talking about psychology, nor is it about success, just talking about how our webmaster should win the future.

recently like to see you A5 webmaster experience, this article is actually very good. We can save a lot of time, because we have a lot of people are bustling about themselves, rarely have the opportunity to calm down and write records of their own experience, are generally in a little small achievements, or setbacks, when not insist, will write this article to us. By reading these articles can learn some experiences and lessons, know that there is no need to make their own mistakes.

is one of the Internet world, the Internet is a virtual community, social and realistic society has some similarities, that are not fair, there are rich and poor, now the society is a very serious social inequality, but this is the reality, don’t try to change that should only change yourself, as long as you have the money, as long as you have the ability, as long as you can help solve social employment, as long as you realize your dream, then you will have the power to inspire others. The lack of society today is the case of persistent dreamers who fulfill their dreams. This may be just the opposite of the United states.


community is to allow some people to get rich, it is also the default in the poor is not poor, poor in thought, but may also in thought, because each individual happiness definitions are not the same, do stand back. Get down to business。 Several misunderstandings to explore.

No. 1: people who do stand up may not always succeed, just as in reality, not everyone is fit to start a business.

also said the real or business and Internet business are the same as the need to sharpen experience, the success rate will enhance, not every one do when the first thing will be successful, on the contrary, often start the first thing the chance of failure is considerable.

: know what you love, feelings do not follow the crowd, others in their mouth Wangzhuan is not so simple, because people pay a lot of time, you may do because of the time factor, or other reasons, to avoid failure, it must absorb others the experience of failure, failure on the Internet experience than successful experience to help us more.

second: repeat the old topic – technology doesn’t mean everything.

so many people in the station, often want to have everything done on one’s own, a few days ago I was like that, but now I feel we are into a misunderstanding, and that is what we are doing we may not good things, because they do these because it the good thing, the.

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