Novice to do SEO should pay attention to a few points

to tell you the truth, prior to the company or to the customer site does not have the optimization concept, thought to the customer to the website, the acceptance of money for it, which is also thinking about how to optimize the customer to do rankings, do not have this consciousness, if there is the awareness that earn money not only is the establishment of the money, and later this year to a travel agency website, slowly training to optimize the ranking, because the travel agencies engaged in most of the business is to get from the site, it must do optimization to obtain customer traffic ranking obtained.


I do optimization basis is only some of the source code, to talk about specific optimization techniques, is utterly ignorant of. I just started doing this website optimization ranking can not go, novice: Well, without thinking, no way, quite a few detours, then slowly learning, there is time to online to find the contents of SEO. Compared with sites like Admin5. Learn the essence of many predecessors summarized. After a period of time, he also suggested that their site ranking has been up to.

I’d like to say that SEO is really not what the art, as long as you work hard, willing to learn, to see more and more people are summarized, together with their own practice, to their own network of more original. There is no need to worry your website ranking. I am now the Jiangxi tourism network ( has a certain rank and take this website early. I also spent a lot of thought. Then I summarize the following points for the novice SEO can take some detours:

1. if you receive a new station for you to do the optimization, you have to consider the domain name registration, remember: the value of a better mark and domain name, our first step is to think of the future to do the brand, not as to allow customers to your domain name.


2. if is old station, then you have to pay attention to the domain name ownership. Many domain names are N years ago do not know who is registered, once the website promotion out of your own domain name, but not in control, I think the future will be a lot of trouble.

3. do the title, keywords, description, you always not to change it every day, the Baidu wants to say to you: you still make sure your site is doing, I will receive you. Wait for Baidu to reach every snapshot, you can go a little tentative change to achieve the ranking.

4. must make sure that the server is running properly and avoiding viruses and Trojan horses. Search engines are really sensitive to these two points,.

5. next you have to do is regularly fill your website information, guarantee 30% of the original. Every day do some outside chain, improve Baidu snapshot.

do the above. I want to say that you are no longer a newbie,

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