The location of the website determines the fate of the website

According to the "twenty-sixth

CNNIC Chinese Internet development statistics report" data show that as of June 2010 there are 2 million 790 thousand websites in our country, compared to the 2009 decline, shows our country more and more enterprises have begun to attach importance to the development of network marketing to the enterprise, but the Ministry released data show that China has nearly 80% domain names into idle, this also shows that many enterprises or individuals will be the site of the building after the good just become a decoration, and no further promotion, or not profitable, resulting in owners lose confidence, the final net station can only be submerged in the torrent of information.

site positioning is the soul of the website

in the actual process, a lot of people are just looking for a code combination becomes worthy of the name’s website, but there is no practical meaning, more and more enterprises will feel like a website to face the problem, there are good, do not have to care about the site planning and positioning, and the current site construction company so much. Just buy a website template over the information filled up like, many enterprises only cramming to complete the site, but not very good consideration whether the site in line with their own industry or enterprise property, without considering the user experience on the site, after the line will delay because they are not included in the major search engine trouble.

therefore, a clear and accurate website can leave a strong memory point and a good experience in the user’s mind. For example, we are familiar with the Baidu search engine is the main Chinese provider, of course, now Baidu has diversified development, QQ is the instant communication tool for young people to chat, MSN is mainly white-collar communication tool, Alibaba is a wholesale trading platform B2B, Taobao’s C2C trading platform. Due to the clear positioning, the site has a relatively clear direction of development. Therefore, the location of the site determines the future of the site and the fate of the site.

site positioning is not clear, leading to lost

Examples such as

are too numerous to list. If a user enters a website and does not understand what the site does, what value can the user obtain, then the site is only abandoned by the user. Some sites keep changing site properties, make the positioning of the site is wavering, the final failure of the project, such as the huge amount of investment billion created from 1999 to 2005, after continuous website, portal website, mobile phone sales from the wireless business website, model broker company website, CET website has query results to saiwowang unceasing revision, finally only after burned money to put up the shutters.

therefore, the website positioning is the soul of the website, the location is clear and accurate, so as not to lose the direction of the later development, just as the positioning of a product’s consumer and the functional orientation of a health care product are equally important. Planning and positioning is the first step in building a website, and it’s also a crucial step, as George, ·, and Lewis

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