N2C model will be the future trend of local community transformation


network is not the concept of n2c, this is the author in recent years have focused on the local community (BBS, hereinafter referred to as community) a new community mode of operation have been analyzed, the full name of n2c Networking to consumer, as well as online community on consumer electronic business, is the 1 virtual community +1 platform for the site members do morning electronic platform.

in recent years with the rapid development of the Internet business, in a group like discuz, phpwind and other leading technology providers rely on community rise, the emergence of a large number of community owners, and these community owners by the community development model, profit model and so on, to the local website backlog a slice, really difficult, only another way. But there is no lack of successful cases such as many classic discount: local community portal portal 55bbs, 19 floor, Hefei hotline, long lane, Yantai forum, Beihai 365, Xicihutong, in my opinion, their success is to adapt to the development mode of n2c, they are the traditional mode to the forum early as the leading, in its development over a long period of time and again and again, to form a prototype of n2c model.

in my opinion, the perfect n2c model is a forum for the kernel, set the site portal (website home) + merchants yellow pages + shopping + category information + comments to the system, such as integrated community portal. They are not a huge monster, not only by the bbs+cms+ + + mall system yellow pages system classification information system + comment system integration, although these systems can be integrated with technology, but management is complicated, is not conducive to the user experience, all functions can use the channel page call function realization forum posts phpwind, seems to have to go this way.

N2C model is based on communication with people and virtual communities, in the use of common interests of the crowd, to provide advertising platform for businesses, giving users tangible benefits. The formation of community gathered popularity, popularity to promote consumption, consumption stimulating popularity. As a result, businesses have to profit, Internet users benefit, the site benefits. Such a cycle is the only way for local communities to succeed.

I envision the future of virtual communities, ordering vegetables on the basis of N2C, and there will be markets, perhaps in the future. Can the market moved to the community, will be found in the B2C market and N2C two models in common. The future of N2C as the same market, industry competition will be intensified, and the prototype, soon it will be flying out of "shangougou" golden phoenix.


survey of the author in recent years on the national majority of local communities do, in the next few years, the local community business model will change, and the new concept of N2C network community operators a new profit model based on community network will be the trend of future development of local community transformation.

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