The deep cultivation and innovation of classified information website management

            Web2.0, let classification information feel a new round of great opportunities for development, but also let us feel the Internet to seek breakthroughs, innovation urgent.

classification information website to solve the profit problem, first of all to solve the "user base" problem.

now, many of the focus of classified information sites still focus on how to expand the user, from enhancing the user experience to transforming into a toll user this section of the road, there has not been a particularly mature product.

Classification information website

all have the breadth and depth of mining potential users, each big website in the market struggle unprecedented fierce, from market segmentation to the expansion of the city, not only online smoke, classified information website also greatly strengthen the offline activities support. In addition, classified information websites also provide various intimate information services for many users.

maximize the pursuit of user size may be just a form, and really block the deep-seated problem of classified information sites, in fact, "integrity."". This has become one of the bottlenecks in the development of classified information websites. At present, China lacks clear laws and regulations to regulate online transactions, and enterprises and consumers have some risks when they are engaged in online trading activities. "Expanding users and paying for the risks" seems to be the only way to solve the problem of classifying information websites.

in a very long period of time, the main task of the classification of information website is how to improve these basic skills, establish credit mechanism, improve service quality, reduce transaction risk, the only way to attract more people.

at the same time, the classification of information website development of great significance from it is the true meaning of the Web 2, will dominate the Internet content to users and achieve the "write" of the Internet, let the Internet truly interactive, which promotes Internet users from simple browsers into information maker, also let the Internet and entertainment by an information platform to truly become a personal life and business platform. Compared with Web 1, Web 2 is personalized, open, interactive and social.

currently, the application of Web2.0 concept in classification information will gradually replace search. It is a full application of Web2.0 characteristics and has a relatively clear profit model. People can find friends, in the classification of information website, people travel about rental Qiuzu housing, weekends, the sale of second-hand goods, the recruitment of job seekers, looking for housekeeping tutoring services and daily life of all kinds of information related to

BV.Captail scientist and former chief scientist of (Andreas S.Weigend) once said, "from now on, Web >"

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