What does website snapshot not mean in time

haven’t been here for A5 for a long time. I’ve taken some time today. To show me a small station http://s.aoku5.com, when you have time, you can go to the Baidu site! In addition, I bought this domain name is not long, we can first look at the included circumstances!


today I will come with you to analyze and exchange views about the site, first of all, I am also a novice, there may be some places to analyze the problem, then please forgive me,


about the website snapshot, my this station has passed several Baidu big update. But the snapshot has never been to the latest date. Does this mean that Baidu to my station does not include? Every time big update, Baidu will be included a little more, still remember the first successful included 96, second included 186. The third one hasn’t been updated yet. Although the snapshot is not the latest, Baidu has been very kind to me. This collection, it is estimated that more pages will be released. The recent observation of Web log, N multi page Baidu spider found over a large number of connections. Recently has been observed in every time will be a little more! But is not updated to the latest snapshot, and the content is included in the fine, do not know when to update


through this site experience. I found, new station Baidu snapshot update will not be so fast, because it is new sites, Baidu included can quickly put out, has been good. I hope the new station leaders and I like, adhere to. You hold on till the end, and victory is yours. I from this new station to Baidu included again updated. Two points are summed up:

1, the snapshot does not update, can not explain Baidu K you or the right to drop.

2, home page is not in the first page, also can not say Baidu K you or drop the right.

specific, want stationmaster friend to observe website log personally, can understand. Maybe I could be wrong about this, so please master to supplement or modify it! Hey ~ ~ ~ the proud have QQ space station editing! [Note: reprint] need to specify

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