How to look at the face of Wangzhuan free of charge

to write this article is because I do not want to see a friend of my hair a reply. Originally only with a vent to respond to some ideas written based on the lack of the textual research and comments, can calm down and think that it is not necessary. Write a little superficial view of the project for free and charge. Right or wrong, it’s just my own opinion.

I don’t know why some friends talk about charges as scared as. I don’t have to read it when I see it. I know that for you the best 11nov07 line is all free is good. At that time, such things only exist in the ideal society. A person always on free stuff, doomed to not see the dross is trap.

Miracle always believe a word, there is no free lunch. Taobao guest site is free of charge, but it is in order to tamper with your PID steal your income. After learning to pay the project seems to be free, I’m sorry that is to trick you to buy his space. Free to provide you with Google tutorial is free of charge, I’m sorry that is in the tutorial to guide you to his Taobao store purchase. A bunch of online jobs are free of charge, unfortunately that is the use of your registration for his CPA. Do the Internet for so many years, too many things seen too much. But I firmly believe that a truth, in the premise of not understand, do not blindly to affirm or deny others. A project you have not seen, only one of the charges do not have to read. Oh, I have no language.

has always felt that I pay my own wisdom to study the project, I pay my own sweat again and again on the project to test, I took a mature project out of the sale of personal feel understandable. You told me I was looking for neither relative nor friend, no reason to put their hard test items free of charge? I just feel too lazy, operation too tired, so I want to guide you, change the profit model, to help others make money at the same time myself, I don’t think this is what

is not good?

Miracle never ask everyone recognized me, did not say you have to buy my project. But there is no need to kill a man for the sake of one’s opinion. Moreover, each of my projects are Taobao transactions, we feel that the project is not satisfactory, not feasible, you can not confirm payment. I can do this on the basis of a stable and strong confidence in my project. I believe that every friend who got the project will not find me a refund.

thank the expert, please does. If you can come up with a project, and you can trade in Taobao, first look at the project and then confirm the satisfaction of payment, not satisfied with a direct refund. You can contact me immediately, regardless of your project price geometry, I would like to be your first customer. Not everyone can be called a genius if you are not modest. If you are really a genius, you will be able to receive endless projects and things, rather than busy every day to deny the hard work of others. >

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