Three misunderstandings in the construction of website station

site is now explosive growth trend. The open source of some CMS programs has pushed this growth trend to the white hot. The number of stations is large, and the number of participants is staggering. A year ago, I wrote the "China Web site development outlook" in a text of the prophecy has been achieved. But the observation site, station field, there are three misunderstandings, is leading some webmaster astray:

anyone can do a web site.

wrong. The site has sparked a huge success of hao123 because of a little-known Internet cafe administrator who has aroused great enthusiasm from subsequent participants. But hao123’s success has its opportunities in it, at that time the market gap and the huge Internet demand of Internet users. A blank sheet of paper to write the latest and most beautiful words. Li Xingping wrote down his success on this blank sheet of paper. But now there is no chance and conditions in the year, that piece of white paper has been written densely. This is the website, explosive growth, oversupply. In such conditions can easily succeed! Although there are some web site success of the station, or occupy a certain market share in the web site, such as 265, 114la, 1516 site navigation, and it took a lot of technology, the promotion of fighting, to blaze a trail, break a piece of the sky. Therefore, the times are different, and later generations have been difficult to copy the success of that year. Everyone can do a web site is good, but not everyone can do a web site.


site is the most manageable site.

wrong. The biggest difference between web site and general website is that it has many inner chains. There are ten thousand to twenty thousand URLs in general web sites. There are so many web links that cause a great deal of management pressure. As a web site manager, you must ensure that thousands of links are "live". These links as webmaster’s must all is thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, veteran soldiers and able captains. Otherwise, if there are many URLs, dead links and invalid links in the website, it will inevitably mislead the Internet users, affect the experience of Internet users and the friendliness of the websites until the amount of visits. If there are many men thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers are old and sick, this web site how to win in the competition? And so many of the general web site, web site, artificial management is a very time-consuming. Because the network is developed, the site is constantly undergoing metabolism. When the site originally included is effective, after a year or so, it may fail, change. In the construction of the website station, we must constantly check the validity of the website, delete those expired and invalid links in time and update those websites whose contents have changed. Only in this way can we constantly improve the quality of the website. As a matter of fact, the quality of the URL of many websites is so bad that there are so many invalid links that it is unbearable to visit. Website construction and management seems simple, in fact, the task is very heavy. Without time, energy and enthusiasm, it is impossible to do a good job. If you don’t have a team, it’s enough to spend your life time and energy to do a web site

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