This is the new owners should cry or laugh entanglement

I recently found that during the summer vacation, it seems that once again a lot of new owners of the figure, the general friends will know, especially in the group, it seems even more obvious.

for a long time do stand experience, passion had passed, some traffic to assorted. Some have been transferred to write soft this quickly, or to feel method flow can also be closed, rich,

only with new friends in a good name, but didn’t notice, or not to mind taking the trouble again and again to sell their own website, perhaps they know now that the original site is so bitter. Is it yesterday, a friend has to do friendship connection. And I have been at dead of night. Call, or put your window tremble. You said, brother, you how to do this station. However, the content is also very rough, do you see my beautiful station, you look at the ah, they give me a IP, thank you. I really can’t go on. To the rest of the time, you can talk to him next. Facing the computer screen beating characters, I know he is happy now, I think at least one person in him,

, I said, "you’ve been calling all day today. How many IP are there,.


he said no, do not know what to do in those who are not indifferent to me. Depressed ah, do not know what.. when tens of thousands of IP ah, my brother.

for novices like I can only give you some advice. Your own to explore slowly. If you can calm down, to study what they are doing, or go to the website they see all put what? You might find more conducive to development. You said you do stand very beautiful, is just a part of the site beautification website. The website should have content, have people to enjoy. You have learned in school to vent your station on it. One day someone will come, do not stand a short duration of time, we must first learn to be rational. More. To learn to make friends, to exchange the local webmaster friends around, Hello, good study. I myself came. I was such a word to fight, he said, up to now have not heard, maybe I said some in the.

.At last he has

to the sentence, I today to [IP brush brush site traffic to go to the station, but also, people pretty much. One day down, there are a lot of harvest. They say the brush and a half site ranking has greatly improved. From the search traffic is to have to. When I see there is no one to ignore me.

I Speechless, I said so much water is gone, do not say, I said that, although not very good, not very fine, but for the novice can. Goodbye my friend, I wish you all the way. For the novice so entangled, I should the

laugh or cry

I’m here to recommend new friends, >

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