Website should pay attention to avoid spider trap

in your website design should pay attention to some details, to avoid their own websites into the spider trap, some design results are not friendly to the search engine, is not conducive to the spider crawling, so called spider trap. The author in the construction of their own website, promotion of your website, keep understanding, learn some spiders trap type, now summed up to share with you.

Before the

website allows the designer to design a large flash file, so you can feel to attract users to stay longer on the website, but later found that this approach is inappropriate, the entire page is a flash file, although the user can bring visual effects, but the adverse impact on the search engine. Because the text content search engine is not able to crawl to the flash file, the user may play a visual effect, the search engine is not what the search engine can not read the flash file there is no index of valuable text information. To solve this problem, you can change the home page, flash file for text, with pictures, so that search engines can crawl to the text, it will not affect the collection.

, Javascript and flash can also bring visual impact to users, and some websites like to use JavaScript scripts to generate navigation systems. In fact, this is also one of the spider traps. Although search engines can try to parse JS scripts, this does not mean that search engines can parse JS scripts. We should make the search engine to be minimized on our site to work, not to increase search engine’s workload, to make search engines work as simple as possible, in the analysis of other website, search engine can be obtained in the script contains the JavaScript link in the technology, can also execute script tracking links, but for some low weight website, search engines will think there is no need to execute the script.

Links on the

site must use the simplest standard HTML links, especially navigation systems, and navigation systems using CSS can also achieve a lot of visual effects. On the contrary, JavaScript links have special use in SEO, that is if the owners do not want to have been included in the page, for example, there is no ranking of the page, the page can be repeated, consider using JavaScript script to stop the search engine crawling.

general web page address URL is dynamic and static, static URL is consistent with the taste of the search engine, dynamic URL is not conducive to the search engine spider, which explains their web page address as far as possible into the static design. To judge whether an address is static or dynamic, the author gives a simple way to distinguish the dynamic URL from the URL with the question mark, the equal sign and the parameter.

some web content should be registered as a member of the website before you can browse

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