Sharing experience of website construction

through 35 home network practice, coupled with the industry and communication and communication, for how to build a good site, more or less have some experience and lessons. So specially share out, hope to let the majority of site friends inspired and instructive.

one, about domain name

Our website

the original domain name is, when the domain name or from others on hand to buy back the original, the main consideration is because we do is home business, there are many similar places and navigation network. Ali Ali, reminiscent of the Alibaba, as everyone knows, the Alibaba is the field of electronic commerce with the boss, so Ali on behalf of "business"; and 265, is the famous domestic navigation website, 265 navigation. So I chose the domain name. And our website, the full name became Ali 265 business home page. But for a long time, we found that there are several problems: first, on the surface, we are near the "Alibaba" and "265" of the two wealthy, actually make people feel quite appearing nervous in public. Second, Ali 265 read quite a mouthful, especially when oral spelling out for a long time people often don’t understand. Third, the full name of the site Ali 265 business home page. It’s nine syllables. It’s too long. After repeated consideration, decided to use the new domain name, 35 homonym business, and homophonic Internet, and our position is just the business of Internet home, so, although compared to 35shouye ali265 more than two syllables, but generally speaking, the domain name is a lot better than the original. Also, 35shouye can be registered directly without paying extra money to buy it from someone else. This is just one example in our body, in fact, the domain name will often see the error performance of B in the following: first, the domain name is too long, some even up to sixteen of seven letters, such as, there are 17 letters, imagine the following, who can remember even remember? Put people to death, not so much from the input alphabet?! usually, domain name is generally not more than 10 letters, is the best control in less than 8 letters. Second, blindly "xenophilia", as we all know, the home page is "webhome" because in English inside, so when we change the domain name has a friend suggested using webhome instead of Shouye, a well-known home do not use English, around a big circle, in fact it is not appropriate. Third, as far as possible to use.Com/.cn/ as the suffix domain name, I have a friend, their company domain name suffix is using.Biz, I made several times did not remember. Moreover, if you want to do the industry website or local website, it is better to register the.Com/.cn/ three domains, and not spend a few more money to avoid later

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